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Crystal Chandelier Parts

Crystal chandelier parts, their names and descriptions. A scheme of the layout of the parts

Crystal chandelier - scheme Crystal chandeliers contain many parts, whose names it is advisable to know. If a part of the chandelier becomes damaged and you have to buy a spare part, it is important to explain which part of the chandelier is in question. The problem is easily solved if you have assembly instructions with a scheme, which we include with all purchased lights, as each part of the light is numbered in it. If you do not have such a scheme, you have to describe the part in question in detail. Therefore, we have prepared a scheme of a crystal chandelier for you in which you can read what individual parts are called.

Canopy - a conical shape metal part which covers a hook, ring of a chain and wires with a terminal box; it is a decorative component and its shape is unique, as it depends on the type and size of the chandelier.

Chain - it is formed by metal links which are not usually welded, making it possible for a customer to adjust the chain to meet particular needs; it is also possible to make the chain longer, however the length of the main cable will be a problem (the main cable goes from arms through a tube in the body of the chandelier and is threaded through the chain); the cable will have to be replaced for a longer one; it is also possible to prolong the cable using a terminal box, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing; a welded chain cannot be prolonged and must be exchanged for a longer one

Rod - it forms the body of the chandelier through which the main cable leads; at the bottom part there is a plate with holes for arms; on the top there is a nut with a ring to hang the chain; in the case of some chandeliers, there is either a glass tube or centre bowls put on the rod; in the case of pendant chandeliers the rod is also a hanger, as these chandeliers do not have chains

Dishes - they are glass bowls which have been pressed or hand-blown and hand-cut; they are placed in the upper and lower part of the light and hung with crystal chains or prisms; they are larger than bobeches.

Bobeches - they are most frequently pressed or hand-blown and hand-cut glass bowls which are placed at the end of chandelier arms; they are put over the socket and they sit on a metal ring; they are hung with crystal chains or prisms

Candle cover - a metal or glass (frosted) tube which is put over a socket and sits on a bobeche.

Glass tube (housing) - a glass tube with a decorative component in the upper part; it is placed over the candle cover

Socket - usually made of plastic, with E14 thread for a light bulb

Arms - a metal (plain) or glass (plain, twisted, profiled) produced in a variety of sizes (the height or length of the wave); they are complemented with a thread and a nut to be fitted in an arm plate on one side, and with a socket for a bulb on the other; plain glass arms can have other decorative components such as glass rings to be hung with crystal chains, prisms or glass volutes

Arm Plate - a metal part on the bottom end of the tube into which arms are fixed using a screw and a nut

Crystal chain - it consists of pressed or crystal machine-cut beads linked together with brass-headed pins

Prisms - clear or coloured crystal machine-cut trimmings; there is a variety of shapes and sizes; the number of cut facets (bezels) differs as well; lead content, shape, size and slope of the facets influences the nature of the diffusion of light

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