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Chandeliers and Pricing

Example of selected models of chandeliers and pricing

Crystal chandelier model line 4052 24HK

trimmingsmetal finishtrimmings colour 505, 669 (base +30%)trimmings colour 3635, 366/70 (base +7%)*U.S.A. wiring (base +7%)
polished brass (gold)nickel (silver)antique
108SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
505/1SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
505SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
505Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
669/1SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
669Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
669SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
670SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
835SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
873/1Rbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
873/1Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
* if aplicable

Crystal chandelier model line 4065 03

trimmingsmetal finishcolour trimmings 505, 669 (base +30%)trimmings colour 3635, 366/70 (base +7%)*U.S.A. wiring (base +7%)
polished brass (gold)nickel (silver)antique
505SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
873Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-108SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-108SU50base pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-184SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-3635base pricebase +7%base +7%-yesyes
HK-3635SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%-yesyes
HK-366SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%-yesyes
HK-505base pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-505/1base pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-505SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-505SF90base pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-516SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-669Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-669SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%yes-yes
HK-670SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-835SWbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
HK-873/1Sbase pricebase +7%base +7%--yes
* if aplicable

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