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Chandelier Trimmings

Chandelier trimmings overview of ranges divided according to the type of manufacturing, lead content in glass and colour.

Chandelier trimmings significantly influence the looks of a chandelier. A perfect cut of facets and the type of glass used in a manufacturing process of trimmings are criteria affecting nature of light coming emitted by a crystal chandelier.

Crystal Glass Trimmings up to 24% PbOCrystal Glass Trimmings more than 31% PbOCrystal Glass Trimmings up to 24% PbO
Crystal Glass Trimmings more than 31% PbO

Swarovski SPECTRA TrimmingsSanded (frosted) Glass TrimmingsSanded Glass Trimmings
Swarovski SPECTRA Trimmings

Coloured Glass TrimmingsGlass ChainsGlass Chains
Coloured Glass Trimmings

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